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The Fast Stat is a thermostat HVAC wiring extender that eliminates the need to install new cables, and that also helps you out when you need to upgrade the old thermostats to the newer ones, such as WI-FI thermostats, this is designed to work with all WIFI and other powered thermostats.

When you upgrade or install the HVAC equipment, then not only it helps you out with the thermostats, but also it is great with condenser cables.

Every model of the fast stat has a sender and a receiver, the high-efficiency air systems such as air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces are more likely to need more control wiring than a wiring in a typical house and any commercial building.

You can add from the thermostat to the indoor unit, or add wiring from the indoor to the outdoor unit, or even both.


The receiver is implemented near the existing controls such as the furnace, PTAC, RTU, A/C, and the Heat pump, and to extend the wiring from an indoor to an outdoor unit, you can install the sender at the furnace.

And the procedure is quite easy. You need to connect the sender to the existing cable and the new thermostat, and then your send is placed into the wall that is the space behind the thermostat.


One of the best things is that HVAC contractors who now do not have to install the new cables, it not only saves time but also it increases the profit considerably.

As we know that it is quite difficult to accumulate the time to re-wire the system, and also the cost is not predictable.

But with Fast Stat, you can be sure of when to re-wire the system, and also, you will have an idea of the exact cost way before you start the process.

So, this makes things pretty much predicable for you and keeps things smooth.

Another benefit of Fast Stat is that you do not necessarily have to have hot attics and weird insulations upon installing new wiring. Also, there is no dangling a ladder when you have to install a new wire.

If we look at the bright sides for the customer, then also your clients stay happy, there is no damage by making extra holes for the cables you, and do the clean work and that too swiftly.

And there are no delays which are caused by the prior job of wiring because re-wiring takes a lot of your time.

So, you are always on schedule and show up on time, and that is another plus point. There are many models like 1000, 3000, and 5000.

Model 1000 provides you with 2-wire control over 1-wire, and it is often used when converting to 2 stages A/C transformer is added at the outdoor unit side.

Model-3000 adds 3-wire control over one wire, and model 5000 offers five-wire control over one wire, model 7000 is used when we need to convert from an A/C to a single or a 2 stage heat pump. So, a fast-Stat is the best solution for wiring.


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