AC Brackets are mandatory if you really want your AC to work fine and longer, like for years, this might be a separate thing to install, yet it has its benefits that should bind you to use them.

AC brackets keep your Air condition functional and also it increases the efficiency of your AC. They keep your AC balanced and in the proper workflow.

They provide you with support, which is why your AC works even better. It not only secures your AC but also safeguards your window and the outer wall.

However, there are many AC brackets in the market, and you might have a difficult time choosing them, so make sure you know what you are purchasing. Here is how you can choose them.

Almost all kinds of window AC should use the universal type of AC bracket, but it will not go pretty well if your window is casement type.

Your AC bracket should have a good construction; you should also consider an AC bracket with an easy installation process.

Some AC brackets cannot bear heavyweight, and this should be neglected; your AC bracket should be able to bear heavyweight, so generally, if it is made of high-density steel, it would do the job for you if your AC bracket bears up to 165 lbs. Then it’s fine unless your unit weighs more than that, then you should consider an AC bracket that can bear more weight than 180 lbs. It would be fine.

If you are one of those people who do not like a longer installation process, then you can go for a Qualward brand that offers you a hassle-free installation, and you do not even need to drill outside of the window, drill on your windowsill, and you can put it there.

Also, do not install the AC bracket by yourself if you do not have proper experience and background; it can be dangerous and can cause an accident and consult your supplier. He should help you find out the right AC bracket, and after that, you can ask him for installation too.

Some of the best brands of AC brackets are:

  • Jeacent
  • Qualward
  • AC Safe
  • Top shelf
  • Any mount
  • EZ AC

You can choose any of these, they are reputable AC bracket companies, and they have been providing quality AC brackets for a long time.

Before you get into the purchase, make sure the specification is good enough for you, and everything is how you expect it.

If you want to install the AC brackets by yourself, then never miss a measurement, try to take help from a helper, and do not do it alone.

And do not leave the side flaps unsecured; you can use a screwdriver to secure the side flaps to the window frame.

Make sure you know that your window supports the AC unit, as not every window can fit it or support it, so you must assess it way before you get into the installation process.


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