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AC Pads are one of the many parts of air conditioning, and especially when it comes to the outdoor unit, then there might be many things to consider, and one of the essential parts is the AC condenser pad. It is a thick pad designed to provide the AC with a flat and stable surface so that AC can be installed on that without any problem.

If you own Air conditioner, then for sure, you require an AC pad. They are made of concrete or can be made of composite material, and they all have their own properties and possibly might have pros and cons of their own.

The air conditioner pad will lift the AC from the ground; it protects the AC from the ground from all kinds of pests and dirt and protects the AC from moisture, one of the most important things.

What to look for while buying AC pads?

When you look for an AC pad, make sure your pad fulfills these requirements; you must buy something withstand weather conditions.


Purchase a durable pad to go along with all kinds of weather conditions; many companies are available and take your time to study the cons and pros and take a deep look at the cons side rather than just the pros.

Please make sure they are durable, as you will require it throughout.

Is it easy to fix?

Most of the pads are not easy to fix. They are not so easy to drill through, so make sure you purchase an AC pad that is easy to drill through and attach to the ground because, in most cases, you might not be able to fix it on your own. Or just let your supplier buy it for you. Or purchase directly from your supplier and they can fix it for you.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Many people might not consider this as a con; however, you can try to purchase an environmentally friendly pad if you want. If it is made of recycled rubber, then for sure it would be environmentally friendly. And that would be a good option.


Another thing that you should be considerate about is the quality and resistance of the AC pad. Of course, it would be with an outdoor unit all the time, so you need to focus on its quality build and resistance from UV and other harsh weather conditions.

So, if your AC pad can give you this, it is probably from a good company, make sure you know the endurance of its resistance, and that way, you would not ruin it outside.

These were some of the best tips that you can follow to buy the best AC pad, and for sure, do not avoid it; these little accessories can be beneficial, which will also extend your outdoor unit’s life.

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