Armaflex AC is a type of insulation system that is engineered to prevent condensation and energy losses. It is one of the best insulation systems for cold. It is also best for preventing moisture intrusion and its consequences.

Insulation also helps you out to prevent heat gain and loss through the building, so it has to be an efficient design, and the interior piping and air handling system should be better.

And this can be done via the right insulation material with the right thickness. This helps the system to prevent long term problems. Moisture is the problem with any cold system, so if you want to get rid of it or want to install the perfect insulation system, then Armaflex would be suitable.

Another thing that is widely known that all insulation systems are equally suitable for every insulation application, but this is a generally accepted belief, and it is not quite valid.

This might be true for the systems that are not cold, but if the system is cold, then it might lead to system failure.

The cause of condensation:

As it is in our understanding, that water vapor is attracted from the warmer ambient air to cold surfaces. This water vapor is suspended in the air changes into a liquid that we majorly have known as condensation.

The very same thing goes for the cold water piping, if the temperature in the outskirt of the pipe gets below the dew point, then for sure pipe confronts condensation.

And this thing; the presence of moisture gradually affects the thermal efficiency, Armaflex is one of the best systems, and it is quite suitable for corrosion, moisture damage, mold, and mildew. So, you need to be concerned about the right insulation, because the only a satisfactory amount of insulation will do you good. Any other will let the condensation happen, which is a big no for your cold system.

Moisture control thermal efficiency:

If the moisture trespasses on the insulating material which has been surrounded by the cold water piping system, all of the thermal efficiency definitely is lost, as we know from the calculated data that for every 1% of moisture gain, there is about 7.5% loss in the thermal efficiency, and that surely increases as the moisture level increases.

So, this thing is definitely a problem with cold water systems, and energy loss is a big issue. The thermal conductivity of water is about 13 times more than the insulation, and that is why the heat transfers from the air to the cold water pipe system and in a great number when the insulation of the pipe gets wet.

Armaflex-Best closed-cell solution:

Armaflex is indeed the best solution for the closed-cell solution. It is excellent in resisting the water vapor transmission. It also enhances thermal performance, and it offers you long-term thermal efficiency. So, the non-wicking moisture will not transfer through Armaflex that is installed properly.

It is also best to provide you with long term durability, it has its own vapor retarder, and multi-layered close wall cells are less likely to be affected by the surfaces that have punctures.

That is one of the many reasons why you should insulate your cold systems with Armaflex.

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