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Wardflex is one of the best types of stainless steel tubing. It is a corrugated type of stainless steel, it is a system that is designed to distribute fuel gas to residential housing units, and it is also quite suitable for the commercial structures.

Another best thing about Wardflex is that it has been engineered and tested to meet the best performance.

It has also been certified by the American national standard of fuel gas requirements. It is one of the best types of steel pipes in the industry and the best cost and time-saving solution.

As we know that gas lines produce static friction because gas goes through them, this can even create some unwanted issues such as fire, so to avoid the issue, certain types of codes have used that show how we should install the pipes properly.

And one of the main and foremost requirements is that the gas pipeline should be bound, which means that the gas line is bonded to the ground wire in an electric panel.

Also, it is to notice that some municipalities require the gas pipe to be bonded coated on the outside of the line, regardless of the line being bonded to a panel.

Some inspectors consider the bonded coating a sufficient grounding agent, but some other state that the line still should be bonded even if there is some coating. So, generally, it depends upon the quality checker and the code of that area.

Wardflex max-best bonding agent:

Wardflex usually comes in a yellow coating. This yellow coat does not offer any extensive bonding agent, and for that reason, you can also go for Wardflex max, that product offers you black coating, and that has the best bonding agent.

The next generation of Wardflex max CSST is quite a durable piping system that delivers all the original Wardflex system benefits. But it is also very much improved, and it has a new conductive coating that is the best solution to disperse the electrical energy induced on the tube when an arc occurs between CSST and other metallic systems.

It would also be best if you considered that choosing between the two products will surely depend upon which area you are residing in, and every area might have different codes. It is quite vital to understand and act upon that code so that you can fulfill the requirements.

And the good news is that both of these use the same fittings and tools, so you really do not have to undergo different situations, and you do not have to worry about buying extra things if you switch from Wardflex to Wardflex max.

If you want to have easy installation and maximum flexibility, you should move to Wardflex max. It also has improved a lot against the damage that is caused by electricity.

Features at a glance:

  • Quick and quite easy to install
  • No extra fittings are required.
  • Light in weight and quite flexible
  • It has a polyethylene jacket.
  • It features UV inhibitors.
  • It is ASTM E84 compliant.
  • The coating is marked for every 2 feet.
  • 100% tested for leakage

Check out our Gas Piping section for different Wardflex products.

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